Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm An Addict For Dramatics

Winter has always been my greatest enemy. I don't like being cold, I don't like layering my clothes & I don't like boots. I love green trees, flowers, sandals (or bare feet!) & shorts. I am used to the Ohio winters & I am fortunate that Columbus doesn't get it as bad as my hometown. But, this winter has been brutal with snowstorm after snowstorm & temperatures in the negatives. It has really been bringing me down & this weekend it just all boiled over. I had a decent sized meltdown over all the things I hated about winter & how I wanted to leave the house, but leaving the house meant having to bundle up & still be cold. To me, there was no solution. Fortunately, David knows just to let me have my time & still managed to get me out a little bit.

After that mess, I thought about the things that are pretty awesome in my life & so, I compiled a small list of happiness that is making all this grey & cold sort of worth it.

This Friday is Valentine's Day! I've never really celebrated it before! Last year, David & I stayed home because I was ill & before that (with boyfriends past), it never really seemed right to celebrate. This year, though, I am going all out! I have a great navy dress with hearts all over it & red tights to go with it. We have dinner reservations at an awesome restaurant & I have so many surprises in store! 

Cuddling. I am a cuddler. I can be constantly cuddled up to David, my cat, or even my parents still. But, no one really likes to cuddle when it's hot out. The winter has me here. Winter is cuddle weather.

School has been going really good so far. I know I am only a few weeks in, but I am getting the hang of it & I am feeling pretty confident. I even did great on my first exam last week, which I was super nervous about.

Last week, I received some pretty discouraging news, but I am slowly starting to realize that it is going to be the best thing for me. Don't worry, I'll be sharing eventually. I'm sort of in a state of embarrassment & shock over it still.

I have several weddings that I am going to this year & I am actually super excited for them. I am not remotely the biggest fan of going to weddings, seeing as most of them are much the same. These are some of my best friends getting married, though & so that makes them so exciting & special. 

There is 116 days until I'm at the Beach. there is only 56 days until Vegas & there is only 37 days until Spring. But, who's counting?  

I guess, despite all the gloom, everything is going pretty good. I should remind myself of the good that I have going on. 

Do you guys get down in the winter? What are some ways you perk yourself up? I'd love for some ideas! xoxo

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