Thursday, December 12, 2013

Part of My World

My 26th birthday was this weekend & for the most part, I was dreading it. First, I don't really think there is any happy milestones after 25. After 25, it's all "over the hill" and old jokes. I am not thrilled about all that. Also, I have this fear that if I ever have a party, no one will show up & I'll just die from there. However, I made the best of these situations after a lot of anxiety, indecisiveness, & general fear. 

I had the party of a 6 year old girl.

I asked a few friends that if I had some people over to my apartment, if they'd come. For whatever reason, I was thrilled that my friends were actually my friends & thought it was a great idea. I went to the local party store & bought The Little Mermaid** invitations & sent them out. No one (seriously no one) was surprised. Everyone RSVP'd, yes! I was still nervous, but getting excited.

The day before my party, David & I went out & bought The Little Mermaid everything. I wanted this done my way & since my friends responded so well to the invites, I decided they would think this was equally fun. 

Day of Party: Commence Issues.

I met my parents half-way for lunch. Before that, I decided to steam my dress...while it was on my body. I know have a massive, painful, and ugly burn on my stomach. You know how you always hear NOT to do that? Seriously, don't do it. It was EASILY the dumbest thing I have ever done. My mom, love her, embarrassed me (payback from years of my shenanigans) by asking the waitress for burn cream because I was THAT bad off. I wasn't that mad. The burn cream did make me feel better. Plus, my parents bought me this awesome backpack that I had been drooling over.

I went home, took a (way too long nap) and after that, I was scrambling. Scrambing to clean, pick up my cake, get snacks, shower, the works. I win at procrastination.

The party went off without a hitch, though. Everyone had fun & sadly, one of my friends couldn't make it due to car issues, but everyone else was there. Have you guys ever played Cards Against Humanity? If not, you should. It was my first time playing & all of us were laughing hysterically. If you don't easily get offended, play it. Now. I am going to try to take it home for Christmas to get my family to play.

Other things that happened:
David cut my cake with his samurai swords (because, obviously).

We played "give Ariel her sparkly shell" (basically a pin the tail on the donkey game)

I cried while playing "give Ariel her sparkly shell" because I hate being dizzy.

I was gifted with different alcohols & a fantastic cat sweater.

I have good friends. Good friends that I now want to have over at my apartment every day after a long hiatus of never having people over because of anxiety & fear of rejection. This was easily one of the best birthdays (if not THE best) in my 20s. I said this as best I could in 140 characters, but I realize now that birthdays aren't about how many people come out to drink the night away with you at a random bar, but having good friends come over to your small apartment to play games & eat ice cream cake with you.

What do you guys think? Would you have a party like this? What was your favorite birthday you've had? I want to know!!


** I love love love Ariel. I'm sure you'll see The Little Mermaid as a trend.

photos: Friend Kara!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hey, Thanks.

Much like the past two years, I decided to stay put for Thanksgiving. It's not that I don't want to go visit family, but I usually only get the day of off & it's a pain to travel like that. But, I volunteer to work so other people in town can spend time with their families & also to get more time around Christmas off.

This year was supposed to be lazy. Make a pizza & watch movies with my boyfriend, David. But, as I learned some good friends weren't spending the holiday alone? Game on. I'm cooking. Everything turned out pretty dang good for all the rushing I did, so I am super thankful for that.

As for being thankful, here are a few things that I am so grateful for this year:

1. Making new friends (& keeping the old, of course) here & finally feeling like I fit in.

2. My nephew, as always. He turned four this year & I just can't believe how smart, funny, & creative 
he is.
3. Finally getting the strength & having the support to go back to school. It's been a long time coming.

4. Going on a much needed beach vacation with David to my favorite place, Savannah/Tybee Island

5. Crafting. Even though I am not even remotely good at it, I am trying & having fun.

6. Seeing so many good shows (like The Postal Service & Justin Timberlake).

7. My two sisters. Their amazing strength everyday has been so incredibly admiring. I have aspired to be like them since I was a little girl & I still do. I want their courage.

8. My parents. Forever & always supportive & loving without question. Truly the two coolest people I have ever met. I can only hope to be half as awesome as them when I get to their ages.

9. My adorable kitten, Gaston. He is such a pain most the time, getting into the Christmas tree, hiding figurines, and howling for no reason. But, he is perfect for David & I. So cuddly, with the loudest purr ever.

10. For a great love with a lot of adventure, laughter, & happiness. There cannot be a close second.

So, what are you guys thankful for this year? What did you do for Thanksgiving? Go home? Host your own? Veg out with football or good movies? Do tell!!


photos: all my own. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Things Like This Don't Happen To People Like Me.

This weekend I decided I step out of my comfort zone. Typically, on weekends, I am too exhausted from the week & just veg out. I sleep all day, eat pizza, and try my hardest not to have to wear any pants. Nope, not this weekend (granted, I wore dresses and tights so I guess I never did wear pants..). This weekend was the weekend.

On Saturday night, I went out with a few friends for appetizers, drinks, & a show. The appetizer was flatbread pizza. The drinks were beer. Typical & unexciting. The show is what matters. The show was Justin Timberlake. 

Did you read that? I said, Justin Timberlake. His concert. On Saturday night.

Now, before your eyes can't roll back any further, let me give you a brief background. When I was 12, my sister took me to see *Nsync at The Cleveland Brown's Stadium (First Energy Stadium, whatever). During the show, my sister & I managed our way down to the field from the lower bowl right up next to the stage. At this moment, *Nsync was belting out, "I Want You Back" & that's what it happened. It happened to me. Justin Timberlake was maybe 10-15 feet away from me and he pointed at me. This, for the past 14 years has been my crowning glory. 

For 14 years I joked to people that Justin Timberlake KNOWS me. That he obviously would remember me. I am aware that this sounds insane.

So Saturday night, we had pretty good seats at Nationwide Arena. Lower bowl, 6th row, and a few sections back from the main stage. I didn't take any pictures or videos because my friends were & I was too busy being spastic. A few songs after the intermission (yep), the front of the stage LIFTED and then MOVED over the crowd. When the stage got to us, it stopped. At us. He was right over me. 6 feet away. I was losing my mind. I could see the bottom of the beautiful hem of his Tom Ford pants

After a few songs a performing on top of the V.I.P bar in the middle of the crowd, he got back on his floating stage. I swear, in that moment, out of all the people around me, I was the only one freaking out. That's when the impossible transpired. Justin Timberlake, in all his glory, stopped & waved at me.

He clearly remembers me.

photo: here

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'll See You When I Get There

For those of you (which I am assuming is most of you) that don't know, I live in Columbus, Ohio. It's a great city with a lot of culture, one of the best zoos in the United States & we happen to one the seven smartest cities in the world. So, that's pretty awesome. However, I was completely certain we have the worst drivers ever.

I have only flown a handful of times & from what I have experienced, I completely prefer it to driving (mainly because there isn't anyone going slow in front of me). But, based on how expendy flying can be, I have drove to most of my destinations (or, once I got to a destination by flight, I drove from there). Nothing & nowhere compares to the drivers of this lovely city I live in.

This morning I awoke to see a dusting of snow covering my car & small patches of ice on the ground. The first of the season. Besides the fact that I loathe the winter, it wasn't a big deal (Being born and raised in NE Ohio, I have dealt with this for years). I scrambled to get ready so I could leave a few minutes early because I knew what I was in for.

I have to take 3 different highways to get to work, so I knew I was in for a treat. Instantly, I was in stop & go traffic. Once cars actually started moving, I realized there was literally nothing stopping them. No accident, no hidden police officer, nothing.  Basically, what generally takes me 20 minutes to get to work took me 45 because there was snow of the ground. Somewhere.

Don't let me fool you, this doesn't happen JUST with snow, as many out-of-towners have asked, "why can't people in Columbus drive in the rain/nighttime/at all?" I wish I knew. Honestly, some days it takes me over an hour to get home for no real reason.  So, I was certain we had the worst drivers. However, after doing some research, I have found that my city is #139 (of 194) the best drivers list. How we aren't the last is crazy to me & the 55 cities under us? Well, I hope them the best.

photos: here & here

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The First Single

This is my first post. Ever. There is no going back on this one. This is where I wow you with my humor, dazzle you with my charm, & lure you in with all my grandeur.

I think I already set the bar too high.

But minus all the glitter, color, & over-exuberance, I am just Sammi. I live in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio with my boyfriend & a new bouncing baby kitten. I have best friends, but they all live in different states. I barely have a sense of style but thanks to other blogs & (shamefully & honestly) pinterest, I think I am starting to have style.

This idea of me having a blog started a few years ago. I didn't have much of a direction to go on, so I placed it on the back burner until I had the rest of my life intact. But, I recently learned that no one really ever has their life fully intact. So why not now? Why not dive? If not now, when?

So I dove & for a while I kept belly-flopping. Not on anything other than a blog name. So, I stopped worrying about it for a while & when I came up with ideas, I wrote them down. With some help with a few of my nearest & dearest, we decided this one fit best. Compulsively Yours. I could explain to you why I thought of this name, but I am sure in posts to come, you'll figure it out on your own.

But, for now, I am Sammi. It is a pleasure to finally be here. 

 Photo: here.