Monday, January 27, 2014

(Trying to Be) The Favorite Child

I headed home this past weekend, solo. It's been a long time since I went home just by myself. Usually, I have David in tow because we actually have something to do there like a holiday, wedding, etc. Love the man, but it was good to just spend some QT with my parents. He ended up going down to Cincinatti to visit friends & have a man-weekend. Win-win. I pictured my cat having a Home Alone-esque weekend by his lonesome at home.

I went up there because my mom broke her ankle in three places two weeks ago & she had surgery last week. My plan was to do as many chores as possible for her and my dad. I did some things, sure, but if we're being honest, there was a Harry Potter marathon on My dad cleaned out my car for me (& chastised me for it's messiness in the process), my mother waddled from room to room with her walker, & there was a blizzard & it was too cold to function (unsurprising for NEOhio in the winter). Sadly, I only got to see one of my friends, but I am going to try to make an effort to go visit more this year, to at least see my friends.

As I am writing this, I realized that I haven't been to downtown-ish Cleveland in over a year and a half. Make your jokes, but Cleveland to me is still just the best. In my opinion the food & restaurant scene there is far better than Columbus & I probably tell people that on a weekly basis.


In awesome news, I booked my vacation with David & MY PARENTS this past weekend. We're heading (back) to Tybee Island in the beginning of June. Growing up, we really didn't do many family vacations. My dad wasn't able to get the time off from work & the age gap between my sisters & I was much bigger then. I never minded it, though. I guess it's probably because I didn't know better. But, I decided this year I wanted to take my parents to my very favorite place & to show them everything about Savannah, Georgia that I am crazy about. Plus, my parents need & deserve a vacation. 2013 was one hell of a year for them. It's going to be interesting, to say the least. There is a running joke in my family that my older sister, Crissy (the middle child), is the favorite or the "golden child". If it isn't apparent by this post, I am trying to nudge her out

Did you guys plan any vacations for this year? Georgia isn't the only place I am going. I am heading to Vegas in April & also in planning mode to see Kate this year too! Hooray for 2014! I feel like it's going to be the best.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Sammi's Back, Tell Your Friends.

So sorry I have been pretty absent the past month. There was equally a lot & nothing at all going on. I had a whole post about the getaway David & I took up to Frankenmuth, Michigan but decided to scrap it because I couldn't figure out how to put into an adequate amount of words about everything that happened. It was probably 10 paragraphs. Woooof.

I really, really like my cat.
To shorten it, if you have never heard of Frankenmuth, you aren't alone. I hadn't heard about it until David told me that's what he "got" me for my birthday. A getaway. But, you may have heard of Bronner's CHRISTmas (seriously) Wonderland which is the "World's largest Christmas store". I love Christmas time. The lights, the decorations, hiding Jesus from my mom (don't judge), the music, the giving, all of it. It's so magical. Driving into Frankenmuth and ALL the lights brought me to tears. It took us over three hours to go through Bronner's & I cut myself off at about $100 spent. I could have spent thousands. There was so many cute shops in town & the waiters all wore lederhosen at the restaurant we went to. Sure, it was freezing & snowing, but it added to the allure of it all. It was absolutely the best gift I have ever received. It was only a 4ish hour drive for us from Columbus. If you can, go visit. We'll definitely be back.

He seriously posed this way.
Christmas was a little stressful, only due to travel. David & both are from two different parts of Ohio. Him, Athens. Me, Akron. So, we had to get to both families in about 36 hours. Not to mention, it was the first time that I met his extended family & he has a LOT of family. My family is small, we usually just have my parents, my sisters, nephew, & my uncle and aunt over. But, by how loud it gets, you'd think there was 30 some of us. I was able to see one of my best friends, received some school supplies, and ate some good food. Also, I bought Dane green pants. He loves them.

I worked New Years Eve, like always. We're only there until six & I always take the stance that the night has just begun & we can go out. We stayed home. Watched the ball drop (which I realized is INSANELY anti-climatic) & drank mini bottles of champagne. If how you're New Year's is spent is how your year will go, I'll take being comfortable, warm, happy, & slightly buzzed over anything.
Oh hey. Safari Sammi, here.

I start school on Monday. Which, probably isn't that big of a deal except I haven't been in school for a while. It took me a long time to decide what I wanted. I went from journalist to translator to hair dresser (most unlikely) to public relations to pharmacist to nurse to finally, zoologist. How did I land there? Easy. I reminded myself that from age 7 until high school that all I wanted was to work with animals. I was pretty discouraged in high school when people told me all the math I would have to take, so I scrapped it. But, at 26 I realized that this is what I am meant for. I am meant to scoop elephant poo & cuddle with baby tigers. I am meant to spray off penguins and lay down hay for the rhinos. I haven't completely decided if I'll go onto vet school after that (ultimate dream). I figured I'd cross that bridge in a year or two. But, animals. That's it. That's been it forever. 

 I am pretty insanely nervous about going back. The idea of math paralyzes me. The thought of professors calling on me & I don't know the answer makes me want to vom. I have a great support system, though. I have David who is super good at math & my family & friends cheering me on. I know in a few weeks, once I get into the swing of things I'll be okay. But for now, I'm losing sleep, tearing my thumbs apart, & freaking out every second.

I'll try to be better at this, but please be patient! I'm still getting the hang of all this. I'm excited about everything 2014 has is store for me & I am even more excited to share it!

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