Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Don't You Forget About Me

I have been the worst, I know. I had really intended on writing a lot more, but I guess I didn't really know how much time & energy school would take up. I sincerely apologize!

The past few months, as I said, have been super busy. I cannot believe it's already the first on April! Don't get me wrong, I am super excited about it. Especially since next week, I'll be in VEGAS with David! We both have never been to Vegas before so I am equally excited & nervous. I'll probably be spending a lot of time at the pool and in the hotel room, getting a research paper done. That doesn't sound super exciting, but David will be in a conference all week, so I'll have a lot of alone time.

So, sorry to leave you hanging on the "bad news" from the last post. I have been pretty bummed & I know it's not that bad, but still. I have braces now. Like, on my teeth. So far, they are only on eight teeth, four on each side, but I will get the rest in about four to five months. I have pretty severe TMJ & this was the next step since my splint didn't work for me. Granted, a LOT of adults have braces more than ever, but it has still been sort of humiliating. I feel 12. Don't worry, though. I am getting used to them & I know I'll probably post pictures when I get the full set. For now, just a lot of closed-lipped smiles.

On a weird & hilarious note: A few weeks ago, I had my cat neutered. Totally normal, right? No. Nope. My cat FREAKED OUT from being under anesthesia & legit hallucinated. He was screaming & terrified of everything, attacking me, David, & furniture It was insane! After a really long night of him barrel-rolling in his carrier, we had to but him, in his carrier, in the bathtub, surrounded by cushions to keep him safe. It was a nightmare. My next cat will come fixed already.  

David's birthday was this weekend, and while originally I had a lot planned for the day, he decided he just wanted to chill out at home (except when we went to the movies & saw the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Sabotage". Seriously. Your assumptions were right, it was terrible).

This year has just been really exciting so far & I cannot wait for the rest of the year to unfold. So many great things are already planned & It's going to be pretty awesome.

I PROMISE I'll write about my trip to Vegas once we get back. In the meantime, enjoy some photos of a few fun things that happened in the past few months!

My friend Kara & I made this cake for David for Valentine's Day. It came out so perfect, I cannot even believe it.
Kara got married! She had the cutest little home wedding, ever & she through it all together herself since she has a long distance love with James. It was absolutely incredible & I was honored to be there! I can't wait for the summer - that's when James moves here, from England, for good!
We went to the Columbus Zoo the day we had Gaston neutered. I was a perfect & sunny day with barely anyone there. I am pretty excited to get there several more times this year! They have a new exhibit, Heart of Africa, opening in May!

See you guys soon!

photos: my own!

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