Friday, May 8, 2015

A Set Back

Well, I have nothing to show for today. I was so ready to go with making something - specifically some pillowcases. I went out and bought the fabrics I wanted & found a tutorial that I thought I could easily follow.

Not everything you need.
And then I didn't realize how much stuff I actually needed.

Sewing Machine & Thread ? Check.
Sewing Scissors & Seam Ripper? Check.
Measuring Tape & Pins? Check.

I wasn't prepared. I don't have a mat nor a rotary cutters. Honestly, I didn't think I would really need them until I started to try and actually cut fabric. What made me think I could cut fabric evenly, with scissors, if I can't cut wrapping paper easily? Also, I don't have an iron. When I have clothing wrinkles, I use a steamer. Need to get that.

I can go get this stuff. But, I try to keep myself on a weekly budget with buying frivolous things. Plus, I unfortuantely got a traffic ticket I have to pay off, along with a trip to the doctor this week. That stuff is just being put on hold.

In the meantime, I am getting familiar with my little machine, which I am glad I am doing. I am learning, with scrap fabrics, the different stitches & how fast to go with the pedal. So, this week isn't a total bust.

Next weekend my dad is coming to visit! So, I'll probably won't post about anything sewing related for a few weeks. Hopefully next time I will have made something over than a little sewed up square filled with cat treats (Jean-Luc tore it apart instantly).


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