Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hey, Thanks.

Much like the past two years, I decided to stay put for Thanksgiving. It's not that I don't want to go visit family, but I usually only get the day of off & it's a pain to travel like that. But, I volunteer to work so other people in town can spend time with their families & also to get more time around Christmas off.

This year was supposed to be lazy. Make a pizza & watch movies with my boyfriend, David. But, as I learned some good friends weren't spending the holiday alone? Game on. I'm cooking. Everything turned out pretty dang good for all the rushing I did, so I am super thankful for that.

As for being thankful, here are a few things that I am so grateful for this year:

1. Making new friends (& keeping the old, of course) here & finally feeling like I fit in.

2. My nephew, as always. He turned four this year & I just can't believe how smart, funny, & creative 
he is.
3. Finally getting the strength & having the support to go back to school. It's been a long time coming.

4. Going on a much needed beach vacation with David to my favorite place, Savannah/Tybee Island

5. Crafting. Even though I am not even remotely good at it, I am trying & having fun.

6. Seeing so many good shows (like The Postal Service & Justin Timberlake).

7. My two sisters. Their amazing strength everyday has been so incredibly admiring. I have aspired to be like them since I was a little girl & I still do. I want their courage.

8. My parents. Forever & always supportive & loving without question. Truly the two coolest people I have ever met. I can only hope to be half as awesome as them when I get to their ages.

9. My adorable kitten, Gaston. He is such a pain most the time, getting into the Christmas tree, hiding figurines, and howling for no reason. But, he is perfect for David & I. So cuddly, with the loudest purr ever.

10. For a great love with a lot of adventure, laughter, & happiness. There cannot be a close second.

So, what are you guys thankful for this year? What did you do for Thanksgiving? Go home? Host your own? Veg out with football or good movies? Do tell!!


photos: all my own. 

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