Monday, November 18, 2013

Things Like This Don't Happen To People Like Me.

This weekend I decided I step out of my comfort zone. Typically, on weekends, I am too exhausted from the week & just veg out. I sleep all day, eat pizza, and try my hardest not to have to wear any pants. Nope, not this weekend (granted, I wore dresses and tights so I guess I never did wear pants..). This weekend was the weekend.

On Saturday night, I went out with a few friends for appetizers, drinks, & a show. The appetizer was flatbread pizza. The drinks were beer. Typical & unexciting. The show is what matters. The show was Justin Timberlake. 

Did you read that? I said, Justin Timberlake. His concert. On Saturday night.

Now, before your eyes can't roll back any further, let me give you a brief background. When I was 12, my sister took me to see *Nsync at The Cleveland Brown's Stadium (First Energy Stadium, whatever). During the show, my sister & I managed our way down to the field from the lower bowl right up next to the stage. At this moment, *Nsync was belting out, "I Want You Back" & that's what it happened. It happened to me. Justin Timberlake was maybe 10-15 feet away from me and he pointed at me. This, for the past 14 years has been my crowning glory. 

For 14 years I joked to people that Justin Timberlake KNOWS me. That he obviously would remember me. I am aware that this sounds insane.

So Saturday night, we had pretty good seats at Nationwide Arena. Lower bowl, 6th row, and a few sections back from the main stage. I didn't take any pictures or videos because my friends were & I was too busy being spastic. A few songs after the intermission (yep), the front of the stage LIFTED and then MOVED over the crowd. When the stage got to us, it stopped. At us. He was right over me. 6 feet away. I was losing my mind. I could see the bottom of the beautiful hem of his Tom Ford pants

After a few songs a performing on top of the V.I.P bar in the middle of the crowd, he got back on his floating stage. I swear, in that moment, out of all the people around me, I was the only one freaking out. That's when the impossible transpired. Justin Timberlake, in all his glory, stopped & waved at me.

He clearly remembers me.

photo: here

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