Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Georgia On My Mind

I have been living in Georgia for almost a month now & it is both what I expected & not at all. I live about 25 minutes away from Atlanta & I have ventured into the city just a few times. So far, I have been a little too timid to go alone & explore. But, my sister came down to visit last weekend & we walked around some of the real touristy areas.

It's warm & usually sunny, with always a chance of rain daily. I live in an apartment complex which I still haven't decided if it's nice area or not. The little downtown area of my town has really cute festivities, including "Food Truck Friday", which basically is amazing. David did take me to Jeni's ice cream one day when I was feel especially homesick & I spent a hefty $40 on pints of ice cream (worth it). I guess the biggest thing I didn't expect, but welcome curiously, is the large Korean population. I think it's actually quite amazing driving down the road and seeing signs that are all written in Korean with no English translation. 

Truth be told, I am lonely right now. David works all day & his new job is, well, a new job. He is getting used to everything there while trying to get used to his surroundings. Whenever I put it into perspective, it has to be harder for him. But, for now I have him & G (& G isn't much for conversations). I am just trying to reign myself in on being spastic when he gets home from work.

I have been passively looking for a job while I unpack the rest of our boxes, but it's really intimidating because I can't find anything I am used to. Also, I have been on the fence on when I am going back to school and for what. Zoology was always what I wanted, but after multiple conversations, I realized it wasn't that high of a market to get into. It's not a safe major to get into. So, I'm re-evaluating & I think I have an answer, but I'll let you know when I am sure.

The next few weekends will be good, though. This weekend, David & I bought tickets for The Little Mermaid at The Fox Theater (he's too good to be) which I am LOSING MY MIND over. Next weekend, we're going to drive out to Tybee & Savannah to have some quiet time on the beach & the weekend after, I am flying to Ohio for an orthodontist appointment (that sounds insane, doesn't it?).

I'll share pictures from our vacation a few weeks back when we get back from Tybee/Savannah next. Again, apologies on the silence. It's been one hell of a month. 


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