Tuesday, December 9, 2014

You Haven't Seen Her For A While

It's been months & I am sorry. This move to Georgia has taken absolutely every bit of energy from me - especially since I have to travel to Ohio every few months for Orthodontist appointments (that's so crazy, I know). Being unemployed was alright during the summer. I unpacked our new home & laid by the pool. I explored our area & went to Ohio twice. It was okay. I was too busy, essentially, to get a job.

The move was weirdly hard for Gaston, my cat. He kind of went insane. So, David & I rolled the dice & got another kitten for him. It worked. Gaston is calm & happy. Jean-Luc is about 6 months old now & is (another) black baby who is very mouthy and affectionate. That, has been a huge highlight.

David & I went back to Las Vegas in September for another one of his work conference. I was more adventurous this time around with suggestions from friends of things to do & sites to see. It was lovely & I was happy & felt amazing.

When we returned home is when everything started to get harder. The weather was getting cooler & my back was in complete disarray. I started a job only to find that I couldn't do it because my back was so insanely messed up that standing, sitting, bending, living was completely out of the question. 3 days in & they let me go because muscle relaxers & the public don't tend to mix. Turns out that my back problem was easy fix with some antibiotics, but I'll spare the details.

I was in Ohio again in November, a week before Thanksgiving & even though I haven't been with my family on Thanksgiving since 2010, it was hard to think I wouldn't be there. It's probably because I didn't see them on my birthday (which was yesterday) nor will I see them for Christmas. I'll be back again in late January but the traveling is getting old (as you can imagine). It's hard to put down roots when you're constantly leaving.

I want roots & I am trying to establish them. I tried getting a job, it didn't work. I've applied at approximately 100 other places. I enrolled back in school (with major setbacks) only to find that the program I want into won't be able to accept me until Fall 2016 (because my original major isn't available anywhere close). I have put myself out there to make friends, with going to a craft show with ladies I met through another blog/twitter & also getting together with an old high school friend.  I am doing everything right so what am I doing wrong?

How do you put roots down when they keep getting pulled out? What do you do when your life took a giant step back & now is idling? Where do you go? What do you do? No really, I am actually asking. I am looking for advice from those out there because I honestly don't know.

I am sorry that when I came back it wasn't with a bang. But I am hoping the starting back by asking for help & maybe receiving it, that I can put myself in the right direction with fun things to eventually tell you all.

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