Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The First Single

This is my first post. Ever. There is no going back on this one. This is where I wow you with my humor, dazzle you with my charm, & lure you in with all my grandeur.

I think I already set the bar too high.

But minus all the glitter, color, & over-exuberance, I am just Sammi. I live in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio with my boyfriend & a new bouncing baby kitten. I have best friends, but they all live in different states. I barely have a sense of style but thanks to other blogs & (shamefully & honestly) pinterest, I think I am starting to have style.

This idea of me having a blog started a few years ago. I didn't have much of a direction to go on, so I placed it on the back burner until I had the rest of my life intact. But, I recently learned that no one really ever has their life fully intact. So why not now? Why not dive? If not now, when?

So I dove & for a while I kept belly-flopping. Not on anything other than a blog name. So, I stopped worrying about it for a while & when I came up with ideas, I wrote them down. With some help with a few of my nearest & dearest, we decided this one fit best. Compulsively Yours. I could explain to you why I thought of this name, but I am sure in posts to come, you'll figure it out on your own.

But, for now, I am Sammi. It is a pleasure to finally be here. 

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