Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Hobby for the Hobbyless.

I used to think I had hobbies. But recently it came to light that I have no actual hobbies. There is a lot of things I've tried doing and then eventually stopped (crotchet, couldn't figure out how to make anything but a scarf). There are other things I used to like doing a lot and don't do or like doing anymore (I haven't played baseball in 10 years. I used to constantly). I wanted this blog to be my hobby but once I moved to Atlanta & the weather got "bad" here, there really wasn't much for me to say because nothing was really happening.

So I decided to find a hobby that I really enjoy. I have always been interested it trying a lot of different things but there has been a lot holding me back. It was usually start-up prices, not knowing where to begin, not having the time. But, none of that isn't a really big issue anymore so I am just going to go for it - all.

Each month, I am going to try a different hobby & write about it. I'll write about failures, set-backs, and successes. This way, I can fully dedicate myself to trying one thing, for a reasonable amount of time, to see if I like it. I'll be honest with how I feel about everything, too. How hard or easy it is & some helpful hints! The benefit really is that I can really focus and buckle down with blogging. I finally have a decoration!

The month of March is going to be dedicated to baking (and some cooking, but mainly baking). I
already have something in the oven as we speak so hopefully the first post can end up on a good note!


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